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The Sativa properties of this strain help stimulate users' inner thoughts and put them on a track to be more productive than previous days.

Tri Blend Disposable – Indica – Melon Crush – 2G

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Melon lovers, this is where it’s at! LITTO Hemp’s Melon Crush Disposable is an incredible Indica strain. Its flavor profile is made up of two refreshing fruit flavors that most can easily recognize from just the aroma. Crush the day’s stresses with LITTO Hemp’s Melon Crush Disposable!


Melon Crush can provide the most benefits to its users when added to the later hours; this is because Melon Crush is an Indica. The effects of this strain aren’t so couch-locking but more of a super laid back vibe. For some, they might choose to sit down and read a book while others might just lounge, scrolling through their phone. Get cozy and enjoy the peacefulness LITTO Hemp’s Melon Crush brings!


LITTO Hemp’s Melon Crush has an astonishing flavor that embodies the fresh taste of heavenly honeydew and crisp cantaloupe! Every inhale has the dynamic melon duo intertwined and the distinct taste of each fruit is easily detectable. As both melon flavors mesh together to create this one-of-kind taste, an unexpected earthy flavor comes in, effectively rounding out the flavor profile of this LITTO Hemp Indica Disposable. LITTO Hemp’s Melon Crush is an extremely delicious duo of two fresh fruits that create a one in a ‘melon’ experience for its users!


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