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The Sativa properties of this strain help stimulate users' inner thoughts and put them on a track to be more productive than previous days.

Tri Blend Disposable – Indica – Mango Slush – 2G

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Mango Slush, an Indica strain, from LITTO Hemp’s Disposable collection is as delicious as an ice cold blended drink! Invite the refreshing taste of this Indica into the evening and notice how it influences the night and its overall vibe. Pour some Mango Slush out tonight and relax as it takes over!


Thanks to the Indica properties in this strain, it’s best for individuals to take a few pulls of Mango Slush in the evening, or right before bed. LITTO Hemp’s Mango Slush can help individuals who are struggling with sleeplessness because this Indica settles over each individual and provides them with a calming effect that temporarily puts any worries at ease. Add LITTO Hemp’s Indica Disposable to the late night sesh and watch as the day, and its stress, fall far behind.


Directly after removing LITTO Hemp’s Mango Slush Disposable from the packaging, a faint smell of ripe mango comes across, enticing users to try this Indica device. With every pull, the smooth taste of sliced mango hits the senses and places each individual under a cloud of mango-nificent flavor. After the initial taste of juicy mango, a second flavor of sweet earthy tones arrives, pushing away the fruit taste and replacing it with an irresistible combination of earthy mango.


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