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The Sativa properties of this strain help stimulate users' inner thoughts and put them on a track to be more productive than previous days.
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Pre-rolls – Indica – Bubble Gum Glue

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LITTO Hemp’s Bubble Gum Glue pre-rolls are seriously delicious! Right after opening the packaging, an immediate aroma of freshly opened bubblegum hits the air and draws individuals in with the irresistible smell.


Add Bubble Gum Glue into the evening and feel the effects of this Indica take over, as they lay heavily into the body. LITTO Hemp’s Indica Pre-rolls are packed with a premium cannabinoid blend of hemp flower that produces a relaxing effect. This Indica is best paired with an evening sesh because it’s no guarantee that once individuals start getting comfortable, they may not want to move again.


The inviting smell of sweet, pink bubble gum entices individuals to grab a piece of their favorite gum after sparking up a Bubble Gum Glue pre-roll. Have the best of both worlds with this Indica strain because it smells amazing but it has an even better flavor profile that gets better and better as the sesh goes on. The familiar taste and smell of Bubble Gum Glue entices individuals into grabbing another puff or two before ending their smoke sesh.


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