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The Sativa properties of this strain help stimulate users' inner thoughts and put them on a track to be more productive than previous days.

Pre-rolls – Sativa – Jack Herer

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Get back to Jack with LITTO Hemp’s Sativa pre-rolls! Jack Herer, named after the wildly popular cannabis activist, is an awesome strain whose strain effects are slow to come on, but once they’re there, there’s no going back. Prepare to tackle the entire task list with LITTO Hemp’s Sativa, Jack Herer!


Since this is a Sativa, individuals who grab this strain may notice an increase in their energy levels. Though this strain’s effects are a bit slower to come on, once they’ve arrived, individuals can easily notice the rise in their productivity.


Jack Herer has an incredible lemon taste that blends together seamlessly with the diesel, ultimately creating a tart, gassy flavor that’s unique to this Sativa. Every time individuals grab this strain, they can expect the same, loud taste. LITTO Hemp’s Jack Herer Sativa Pre-rolls are bursting with an impressive amount of gas flavor!


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